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Southeast Alabama Beekeepers Association
Mr. Al Liepins catching swarms and showing off his 'girls'. Nice pictures Al!
Ken Johnson, Tony and Debbie DuBose harvesting there first crop of honey. Nice job guys!! ~ (Please
excuse the date on these pictures. Pictures were taken June 2012)
Excellent pictures submitted by Jeff Luther! Can you find his Queens?
This is definitely something you don't see in South Alabama very often! Joe Wilson shows off his snow
covered hives!
Here's Jeff Luther with fellow beekeeper Brad Schlund and his grandson Hunter. They extracted 85 lbs. of
honey! Check out the beautiful, fully capped frames of honey! WOW!!
Honey is the ONLY food that
includes all the substances
necessary to sustain life, including
Bees, up close and personal.  Can you spot the proboscis in two of the photos? Photos taken by
member Nita Bourne.
Members Pat Cananaugh building his top bar hive and enjoying life.