Southeast Alabama Beekeepers Association

Members Spotlight
To make one pound of honey, the bees
in the colony must visit 2 million
flowers, fly over 55,000 miles and will
be the lifetime work of approximately
300 bees.
   11 year old Elizabeth Wilkins from Enterprise, Alabama is an amazing individual;
not only is she the youngest member of the Southeast Alabama Beekeepers
Association, she's also the very first winner of the Alabama Beekeepers Association
Youth In Beekeeping award.

 Last summer Elizabeth wrote a 500-1000 word essay about honeybees, their
importance and why she wanted to be a beekeeper.  Elizabeth's essay captured the
attention of the judges who presented her with everything she needed to get started
in beekeeping including an experienced beekeeper as a mentor.

 Elizabeth received her first package of bees in April and they are going strong.